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SF ENDC Endorsements - General 2019

Local Elections


London Breed (Incumbent, Sole Endorsement - Early Endorsed)

City Attorney

Dennis Herrera (Incumbent)

District Attorney

Suzy Loftus (Rank 1)


Paul Miyamoto

Public Defender

Manohar Raju (Incumbent)


Jose Cisneros (Incumbent)

Board of Education

Jenny Lam (Incumbent)

Community College Board

Ivy Lee (Incumbent)

Local Propositions

Prop A         Yes - $600M Affordable Housing Bond Prop B         Yes – Renaming the Department of Disability and Aging Services

Prop C         No – Vapor Products Prop D         Yes - Traffic Congestion Mitigation Tax

Prop E         Yes - Affordable Housing and Educator Housing

Prop F          No - Campaign Contributions and Campaign Advertisements


March 2020 (Early Endorsements)


House CD 12 - Nancy Pelosi (Incumbent)


State Senate – SD11 Scott Wiener (Incumbent)

Assembly Seat AD17 - David Chiu (Incumbent)

  1. To endorse a candidate or a position on a proposition, our endorsement threshold is 55% of the qualified voting members.

  2. For this election, to be a qualified voting member, you must be a registered

  3. Democrat living in Districts 3, 6 or 10, paid your dues and attended three qualifying meetings.

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