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SF ENDC Endorsements - General 2020

Updated: Jan 4, 2021

Below are our endorsements for the November 2020 General election. Congratulations to the candidates and campaigns who earned our endorsement!

If you didn’t meet the criteria to participate in this election’s endorsement process, you may be eligible next time! Just make sure that you are a registered Democrat living in San Francisco Districts 3, 6 or 10, become a dues-paying member, attend a total of three qualifying meetings, and you will be eligible!



President – Joe Biden

Vice President – Kamala Harris

House CD 12 – Nancy Pelosi



State Senate SD11 – Scott Wiener

Assembly Seat AD17 – David Chiu



District 3 Supervisor

Danny Sauter (Sole Endorsement)

SFUSD Board of Education

Jenny Lam

Michelle Parker

Community College Board

Aliya Chisti

Victor Olivieri

Jeanette Quick

BART Board

District 7 – Lateefah Simon

District 9 – No Endorsement




Proposition A - YES

Health and Homelessness, Parks, and Streets Bond

Proposition B - NO

Public Works Commission, Department of Sanitation and Streets, and Sanitation and Streets Commission

Proposition C - YES

Removing Citizenship Requirements for Members of City Bodies

Proposition D - NO

Sheriff Oversight Committee

Proposition E - YES Police Staffing Levels

Proposition F - YES Business Tax Overhaul

Proposition G - YES Youth Voting in Local Elections

Proposition H - YES Neighborhood Commercial Districts and City Permitting

Proposition I - NO Real Estate Transfer Tax

Proposition J - YES Parcel Tax for San Francisco Unified School District

Proposition K - YES Affordable Housing Authorization

Proposition L - NO Business Tax Based on Comparison of Top Executives' Pay to Employees' Pay

Proposition RR - YES Caltrain Sales Tax


Proposition 14 - YES

Stem Cell Funding Bond

Proposition 15 - YES Schools and Communities First

Proposition 16 - YES End the Ban on Affirmative Action

Proposition 17 - YES Parolee Voting

Proposition 18 - YES 17-Year-Old Voting Age

Proposition 19 - YES Property Tax Breaks and Wildfire

Proposition 20 - NO Tougher on Parole, Property Crimes

Proposition 21 - NO Expands Rent Control

Proposition 22 - NO Classifies App-Based Drivers as Self-Employed

Proposition 23 - NO POSITION Regulates Dialysis Clinics

Proposition 24 - NO POSITION Stronger Consumer Privacy Laws

Proposition 25 - YES End Cash Bail

  1. To endorse a candidate or a position on a proposition, our endorsement threshold is 55% of the qualified voting members.

  2. For this election, to be a qualified voting member, you must be a registered

  3. Democrat living in Districts 3, 6 or 10, paid your dues and attended three qualifying meetings.

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