from the San Francisco Eastern Neighborhoods Democratic Club

Vote on or before Tuesday, November 3, 2020


President – Joe Biden

Vice President – Kamala Harris

House CD 12 – Nancy Pelosi


State Senate SD11 – Scott Wiener

Assembly Seat AD17 – David Chiu



District 3 Supervisor

Danny Sauter (Sole Endorsement)


SFUSD Board of Education

Jenny Lam

Michelle Parker


Community College Board

Aliya Chisti

Victor Olivieri

Jeanette Quick


BART Board

District 7 – Lateefah Simon

District 9 – No Endorsement



Proposition A - YES

Health and Homelessness, Parks, and Streets Bond


Proposition B - NO

Public Works Commission, Department of Sanitation and Streets, and Sanitation and Streets Commission


Proposition C - YES

Removing Citizenship Requirements for Members of City Bodies


Proposition D - NO

Sheriff Oversight Committee


Proposition E - YES

Police Staffing Levels


Proposition F - YES

Business Tax Overhaul


Proposition G - YES
Youth Voting in Local Elections


Proposition H - YES

Neighborhood Commercial Districts and City Permitting


Proposition I - NO

Real Estate Transfer Tax


Proposition J - YES
Parcel Tax for San Francisco Unified School District


Proposition K - YES

Affordable Housing Authorization


Proposition L - NO

Business Tax Based on Comparison of Top Executives' Pay to Employees' Pay


Proposition RR - YES

Caltrain Sales Tax

State Propositions


Proposition 14 - YES

Stem Cell Funding Bond


Proposition 15 - YES
Schools and Communities First


Proposition 16 - YES
End the Ban on Affirmative Action


Proposition 17 - YES
Parolee Voting


Proposition 18 - YES

17-Year-Old Voting Age


Proposition 19 - YES
Property Tax Breaks and Wildfire


Proposition 20 - NO
Tougher on Parole, Property Crimes


Proposition 21 - NO
Expands Rent Control


Proposition 22 - NO
Classifies App-Based Drivers as Self-Employed


Proposition 23 - NO POSITION
Regulates Dialysis Clinics


Proposition 24 - NO POSITION
Stronger Consumer Privacy Laws


Proposition 25 - YES
End Cash Bail

How does ENDC endorse candidates and propositions?

  1. To endorse a candidate or a position on a proposition, our endorsement threshold is 55% of the qualified voting members.

  2. For this election, to be a qualified voting member, you must be a registered Democrat living in Districts 3, 6 or 10, paid your dues and attended three qualifying meetings.

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