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About ENDC

Our Mission

This Club was established by residents of San Francisco’s Supervisorial Districts 3, 6 and 10 to organize voters and provide a discussion and educational forum to address the most pressing issues facing these eastern neighborhoods of the City. This Democratic Club will focus on issues utilizing an urbanism, environmental and social equity-focused approach. The SFENDC is committed to and seeks the input and participation of any qualified member interested in joining the debate.  This commitment to respectful equitable input is integral to the Club’s mission. SFENDC will endorse candidates and propositions which support the Platform and Values of the club.

Meet Bruce Agid:
Co-founder and President of the San Francisco Eastern Neighborhoods Democratic Club

Bruce Agid is a native San Franciscan, raised in the Outer Sunset & Lakeshore neighborhoods. After finishing High School, Bruce went to work for PG&E, first as a as a laborer in the Gas Department and then as a Gas Service Representative.  Bruce put himself through school at night and on the weekends, graduating from San Francisco State University in 1993. Over 20 years, he worked his way up through various leadership positions at PG&E, including Director of Utility Operations, before leaving the utility to become the Managing Director of Business Development with Energy Experts International, an energy consulting firm.

Today Bruce and his wife Tara live in San Francisco’s Mission Bay community, a short walk from his favorite baseball and basketball teams. He sits on the board of  his neighborhood association and is a member of several civic advisory groups and advocacy  organizations.

He has three adult children and five grandchildren, all live close by in the Bay Area.


In August of 2021, Bruce sat down with Amelia Linde and Sean Karlin on a Zoom call to further describe the vision for the Eastern Neighborhoods Democratic Club and the work he is doing to advance that.

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