Bruce Agid 
- President
President and Vice Presidents
Nancy Tung
- VP of Policy Development & Advocacy
Ken Syring
- VP of Communications and External Affairs
Derek Lee
- VP of Finance and Operations
Tyra Fennell
- VP of Membership
Victor Olivieri
-District 3 Director

District Directors

Austin Hunter
-District 6 Director
Dion-Jay Brookter
- District 10 Director
Efrem Bycer 
- Education Director
Anika Steig
- Transportation Director
Eric Dew
-Housing Director
Committee Members
Matt Castillon
- Membership Operations Director
Vanessa Ross Aquino
- Social Events Director
Jade-Olivia Patton
-Internal Communications Director
Candice Dayoan
- Social Media Director
Phil Williams 
- Environmental Director
Sonali Ved
- Program Director
Sean Makarin
-Political Engagement & Field Director

Charlie Goss

-Public Safety Director

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