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Bruce Agid 
- President

President and Vice Presidents

Derek Lee
- VP of Finance and Operations
Kurt Grimes Low Rez.jpg
Kurt Grimes
- VP of Membership
Amerika Sanchez
- VP of Policy Development and Advocacy
Michael Appel.jpeg
Michael Appel
- VP of Communications 
Danny Sauter
- District 3 Director

District Directors

B Obama Final.png
Position Open
- District 6 Director
meaghan mitchell.jpeg
Meaghan Mitchell
- District 10 Director

Committee Board Members

Latoya Pitcher 2.jpeg
Latoya Pitcher
- Education Director
RB Ginsberg Final.png
Position Open
- Social Events Director
Candice Dayoan
- Internal Communications Director
Eric Dew_edited.jpg
Eric Dew
-Housing Director
Roberta Economidis
- Small Business Director
Headshot Chris Chang.jpeg
Chris Chang
- Special Projects Director
RB Ginsberg Final.png
Onje Bektemba
- Social Justice Committee Lead
Roshani Pandey 2.jpeg
Roshani Pandey
- Higher Education Director
Matthew Castillon.jpeg
Matthew Castillon 
- Membership Operations Director
Phil Williams 
- Environmental Director
B Obama Final.png
Alan Tsui
- Transportation Director
Spencer Lam_edited.jpg
Spencer Lam
- Political Engagement Director
Mark Malouf.png
Mark Malouf 
- Social Media Director

Open Positions

SFAA Goss Headshot.jpg

Charlie Goss
- Public Safety Director

Tyra Fennell
- Fundraising Director
Sean Karlin.jpeg
Sean Karlin
- External Communications Director
 Maika Pinkston.jpeg
Maika Pinkston
- Workforce Development Director
  • District 6 Director

  • Compliance Director

  • Transportation Director

  • Social Events Director

  • Program Director

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