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Hurabiell Public Statement

"Systemic racism is real and a problem in our country. I apologize for the harm I caused by an uninformed retweet that I made in 2021, as well as the attention it took away from what San Franciscans care about: a community college that works, is financially sustainable, and helps students succeed. We're facing a serious financial crisis that threatens the very existence of city college, and addressing these issues is the reason I am running to serve on the City College Board of Trustees.


I was an active supporter of the effort to recall the three Board of Education members who failed at prioritizing the academic, physical, and mental health of our students. During that time, I got caught up in the flurry of Twitter activity around parents fighting for opening schools and better educational outcomes for their children. I wholeheartedly support those goals, however I made an uninformed and hurtful tweet for which I take responsibility.


Everyone in America deserves the same opportunities to succeed. And we can't be blind to history - past injustices must be made right. It is our duty to correct past wrongs with the understanding that underrepresented and disenfranchised communities are operating in a system that is unfairly stacked against them. That means centering BIPOC voices and following their lead on what is best for their own communities.


As someone who lives in a world where my privilege has provided me with opportunities that are not accessible to others who are not white and cis-gendered, I have learned tremendously over the past few years about this inequity and am committed to doing my part to make it right."

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