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The San Francisco Eastern Neighborhoods Democratic Club (ENDC) was established by residents of San Francisco’s Supervisorial Districts 3, 6, and 10 to organize voters and provide a discussion and educational forum to address the most pressing issues facing the eastern neighborhoods of our City. The ENDC will provide a Democratic political voice to advocate an urbanist/equity platform (a focus on creating complete communities) with twin goals of keeping current residents/families in San Francisco while welcoming newcomers.


ENDC will speak with a strong unified voice focused on issues related to the environment, public safety, affordable housing, transportation, education, open space, workforce opportunities, small business, and social justice. We will primarily concentrate on the Eastern Neighborhoods of San Francisco (Supervisorial Districts 3, 6, and 10) and endorse candidates and propositions which supports the Platform and Values of the club. 

We organize at the intersection of Community Building and Local Politics.

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The San Francisco Eastern Neighborhoods Democratic Club

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